What our clients have to say about us -Testimonials

Please express my gratitude to Alain. He was delightful to work with and I am very appreciative of his valuable comments and the thoroughness of his work. I felt in very capable hands and as a new boat owner, not the least bit intimidated. – Steve B., Battle Ground WA

Thanks to you and Alain for a great survey. I come from a long line of machinists, all avid tool collectors and users. Alain’s survey is one of the best boatbuilding/repair tools that I have seen. Money very well spent. – Bill T., Rolling Bay WA

I’d like to let it be known that because of the organized and diligent way Alain carries out his boat inspections, and the clarity in which his findings are reported, our boat sales transaction is going well, and there have been no ambiguities or misunderstandings between Owner and Purchaser. Thanks. – Bill H., Canby, OR

Thank you both again for your professionalism. It helped enormously in deciding not to purchase (boat name.) Now I know a bit better what to look for. I will be sure to call you when I find a boat more suitable for me and with less immediate work required. – Sheila M., Langley WA

I received your survey today. Thank you for such a complete and professional job. I will use this document as a guideline for finishing the boat with subcontractors to make her seaworthy, as a checklist to ensure the seller finishes their portion work and finally as a support document to get the boat insured. I enjoyed working with you on this project and we are now working with both of your recommended subcontractors. I will be sure to send you a notice of the launching, we would love to have your there. – Mark and Robbyn B., Bellingham WA

Please pass on to Alain my sincere appreciation for his extraordinary effort yesterday. I hope he made his 7:30 PM ferry. -Scott S., Bainbridge Island WA

Thank you for the survey report. It was extremely detailed and will make a very useful checklist. I learned a lot being with you doing the survey and I am grateful for all the information obtained. I had in my mind the same fair market price that you gave so that was a nice confirmation. – Bruce W., Bellingham WA

It was a pleasure working with you the other day. Your survey was light years more informative than my previous survey by (…another surveyor.) – Larry E., Port Townsend WA

I’d just like to say thank you for the thorough evaluation of the boat and the professionally prepared report. This is my first boat purchase and survey so I really didn’t know what to expect, but that said, you exceeded my expectations! I have read through your report and saw the items we talked about the other day. – Roger M., Mukilteo WA

I have a contract on a steel Roberts 65 that I would like surveyed. The boat is currently in Coos Bay, Oregon. The owner and I will sail it up to Pt Townsend for you to do the survey. The boat appears to be in good shape, but is unfinished, so I’m looking for a good surveyor to assess it for me. Brian Y. gave me your name and said you were the best, that’s what I want. – TJ, Lake Newman eastern WA
…(and after the survey) Thanks guys, you are the best! – TJ,

Thank you so much for the thorough survey and great looking report. I was looking at the reports we received previous to yours–what a wonderful difference you have made in our reporting documents. – Maggi N., Richland WA

Your recommendations are well-taken and well-received here; we will immediately take steps to address these legitimate concerns. – Hugh R., Seattle WA

I wanted to thank you for your excellent work and professional ethics. I wish I could have had time to spend on the boat with you as a teacher. Of all the people I have met in the boat world, you are by far the most honest, and knowledgeable. If you are ever in Ketchikan, please look me up. – Bud B., Ketchikan AK